Privacy for smart contracts and beyond

Glyff is a decentralized internet platform
delivering private asset transfers and
programmable privacy for smart contracts.

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The problem

The blockchain is one of the most important recent inventions, enabling business and individuals to instantly send money and information over the internet, without the need for trusted third parties. However, current modelling completely forgoes privacy, with the entirety of data and amounts transacted between parties exposed to the public, whilst most real-world applications - health, financial, IoT, etc - require details of their operations to remain undisclosed and are not compatible with a public blockchain system.

Our solution

We are building a next-generation decentralized platform that enables secure value transfers and smart contract execution, in complete confidentiality and with strong correctness guarantees. Glyff, like Ethereum, allows development of decentralized applications, but with a key difference : the ability of concealing data from the computing nodes. This enables developers to include sensitive data in their smart-contracts, directly on-chain, without compromise on security.

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Private cash transactions with sender, receiver and quantities transferred completely hidden.

Guaranteed integrity and strong anonymity properties by zero-knowledge cryptography.

Non-specialist programmers can develop privacy focused applications, even without knowledge of cryptography.

Enables smart-contract use for decentralized applications that require private computation and secure data.

Addresses blockchain scalability problem with transaction succinctess and compact proof size.

Provides a platform for cross-industry deployment of blockchain technology satisfying real-world demands.

Applications in Healthcare, Finance, IoT, e-Commerce, e-Governance will increase social benefit from these sectors.

Easily programmable smart contract system with advanced privacy features

Cross-platform open-source wallet application and developer framework


Q2/3 2018

Research starts Prototyping of MVP consensus node and wallet (Sprout)

Q3/4 2018

Consensus node and wallet (early release) Private test-net launch

Q1/2 2019

Publication of the first whitepaper working draft (Sapling) Development and code consolidation Public test-net launch

Q2/3 2019

Programmable privacy Security audit Consensus node and wallet (stable release)

Q3/4 2019

Main-net launch Developer toolchain and documentation Mobile wallet (Android/iOS)


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